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WeVideo Video Recorder - Students will need to install this on Chrome to be able to use WeVideo.

WeVide​ Academy - Excellent how-to videos.



WeVideo for Chromebooks

LPS has purchased the multi-user premium version of WeVideo to be used with students Grades 3-8 on their Chromebooks. 

With WeVideo you can:

  • Create Video with Green Screen
  • Create Collaborative Projects
  • Screencast
  • Peer Edit Projects
  • Share Video Assets

Getting Started

  • Teachers need to enroll (Grades 3-8)
  • Students have already been enrolled. If they are NOT listed as a Liberty member under their profile, you can click HERE for more information.

WeVideo Resources

  • Teacher Getting Started WeVideo Documentation. IGNORE all of the references to "admin tab" - skip the Account Setup section as that is for Technology management, not classroom projects.
  • WeVideo Academy - great video tutorials to watch and share with your students!

Program Notes

  • Have students download the District approved video recorder Chrome extension.
  • Screencasts appear to have a maximum time allowed on the Chromebook of about 45 seconds.
    • Recording will stop you when out of space and process what was recorded. 
    • Think of chunking your recording if you need more time
  • Recoding via webcam went well over a minute. 
    • Keep in mind you can upload video from your phone or tablet OR record via webcam.
      • Upload via a class Box or Dropbox account
      • Connect manually
    • Keep your final videos to 90 seconds in length - get to the point and keep your audience wanting to hear more! Tip from Rushton Hurley - GAFE Summit Missouri.


If students go to My Media and press "Record" you will see the options for Webcam and Screencast. If either of these are gray, you can do the following:

  • Have students access Settings and at the top you will see an about OS. Select and look to see if the version is 44.... (Anything above 44)

  • If your browser is showing you are on Version 43, you will want to go to: chrome://help and click the check for updates button. You may have to click this several times for it to render correctly and give you access to the webcam and/or screencast options.

Project Workflow

Think of Projects as creative assignments. For instance, a history teacher can give a Project about the Civil War and each of her students will then create his/her own video edit (or work as a team to create one collaborative video edit) inside that specific Project.

  • If a teacher wants students to work as a team, the teacher creates a Collaborative project and invites all her students to it. Students will be able to see, open, and modify each other's video edits.
  • If a teacher wants students to work on videos individually, the teacher creates a Shared project and invites it to her students. The teacher will see everyone's work in progress; however, each student will only see his or her individual video edit(s). All the members of the Shared Project can pool their project media, so they can use the same teacher-provided and/or student created media assets and resources.

Project Organization

You may want to create folders for classes or subject based on your situation.

Create WeVideo Folder

When you create a new project, consider selecting the folder first and then creating the project (shared or collaborative).

If you forget your link or need to add people to a group, you can open the project and select the person with a +. You can add ALL members in your account, add members to a specific group or share via a link (once students click the link, the project will appear in their Projects portion of WeVideo portal).

WeVideo Share
WeVideo Adding Members