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Application Process

Applications Abstracts due April 28

Application Finalists will be contacted by May 5

Visionary Finalists will pitch ideas to the Selection Team May 9-10 (TBD)

Visionary Team will be published by May 12




Have Questions?

Please contact:

Tracey Kracht, K12 Innovation and Learning Coach


Dr. Jeanette Westfall, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development



Meet your Visionaries

Chris Anderson and Lori Riedel are both Library Media Specialists at Liberty High School. As a team they pitched "From EPiC to Pryor - Bridging the Gap" and were selected as our Liberty Public Schools 2016-2017 Visionaries!  

2016-2017 Visionaries

Through the Visionary process, a Dyslexia finalist team highly impressed our selection committee with their pitch and were asked to join an emerging District initiative. We also extended an opportunity to combine two personalization projects, but at this time were unable to finalize that connection.

We appreciate all who applied and pitched and are definitely looking forward to learning through Chris and Lori this year and growing our Visionary project in years to come!


When would we be able to start expending our budget for the Visionary program?

  • The fiscal year for our network runs from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 and all expenditures would need to occur between these two dates.

Can the five days of PD include travel?

  • Yes! Travel should be part of your estimated budget when you submit your plan. If you have additional questions on financial information, sub pay, etc. please contact me.  
  • You can locate the per diem for locations on the IRS site by zipcode. On this page, you will see a link for meals and incidental expenses.

Can I send out a survey to gather insights?

  • Surveys are NOT a requirement or necessary to apply and/or be selected to be a Visionary.
  • If you feel gathering information is critical to your pitch, we must gain approval from District Administration. Please contact Dr. Christopher Hand to discuss options if you are needing to gather district information for your proposal.

What should the Visionary plan and pitch contain?

  • Pitches should be no longer than 15 minutes in length with an additional 10 minutes of Q&A at the end with the panel
  • Overview of the proposal identifying a clear district need for investing in this proposal (first 5 minutes)
  • Outline of activities you foresee for the upcoming school year that will be required to accomplish your Visionary goals
  • Detailed proposed budget items for the upcoming school year
  • Proposal for measuring your goal outcomes
  • Pitch rooms have a projector and sound system for those who need equipment

Who are Visionaries?

Educators who have identified and pitched a proposal to solve a pressing need in the Liberty Public School District. These educators will collaborate and be supported through coaching and funding of their project targeted at enhancing the educational experience for learners.

Why should I apply?

Ask our past Visionaries!

Visionary Framework

Standards and Learning Targets

Identify and Pitch a Proposal for Educational Change

5 Full Days of Professional Learning (Visionary Discretion)

Coaching Support with Scheduled Visits

We will select 1 Visionary Participant or Team 


Criteria for Selection:

  1. Impact for Learning - Aligned to the LPS Strategic Improvement Plan
  2. Scaleability - How long will implementation take and what steps could be taken to scale the proposed plan?
  3. Publication - What and how will the progression of the proposed plan be shared?
  4. Budget Feasibility - Efficient and effective use of funding

Gathering Feedback

Have an idea, question, or comment?

Please share HERE. We will be creating a space on this site to address FAQs and idea starters generated from these comments.

Visionary Applications

Applicants will be creating an abstract for initial screening. Abstracts should include:

  • Title of the proposed project
  • Need - What is the purpose of your project? What data indicates this project is a need for LPS?
  • Target Audience - Who will this project serve?
  • Project Overview - What will you do and how? What are your goals and objectives? 
  • Outcomes - What do you expect to achieve? How will you measure success?
  • Publication - What and how will the project process be shared?
  • Budget - What is your proposed budget for this project? 

 Visionary Abstracts Due Mar 31, 2017

Printable Google Document