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Apple ID

What is an Apple ID?

Your Apple ID gives you easy access to a variety of Apple services, including the iTunes Store, Apple Online Store, iChat, and more.

How do I create an account without a credit card?

MacBook Air Devices

Getting Started

After you have your laptop imaged, you will need to set up a couple of different things. To assist, please see the post image instructions below. The other two tutorials are for reference as needed.

Post Image Instructions
Adding Wireless Location and Troubleshooting (non-District wireless access)
Finding Systems Preferences


Student Machines - Apple MacBook Air - 11 inch

Teacher Machines - Apple MacBook Air - 13 inch

Please note - all Macs will have a map based tracking solution in case a unit is lost or stolen. 


Wired Wireless Projectors - Finding Profile (Preferred)
Wired Wireless Projectors - Manual Finding Projector
Connecting with a Mac to VGA Dongle
HELP - My screen isn't projecting!

Email and Network Access

Email Access
Staff Only - Setting up Outlook distribution lists

Staff Only - Connecting to a VPN (accessing your H-Drive from home
Don't forget there Webmail is also available at: and you must use your full email address as the username


Network Servers
Using your H-Drive (setting up an alias and attaching files)
Remote Server Access - from home or in-district

Tips and Tricks

Apple Tutorials

I want to add my web presence to PowerSchool in order for students and parents to easily access.

I want the date to show in the menu bar at the top of your screen

System Preferences / go to "Date and Time" / click on "Clock" / check the option "Show Date"



Educator Tips and Tricks

MacBook Air Basics

These laptops will run OS 10.8 (also known as Mavericks)

Preview Mac from a PC perspective
Support Videos

Mission Control - Bird's-eye view of your open apps
Dashboard - use widget's to personalize
Launchpad - view your apps quickly
Finder - find anything on your Mac
The Dock - easy access to favorite apps

Gestures (video examples)

Taking Screen Shots
The Grab - similar to the "Snipping Tool"
Screen Recording with Quick Time

Quick Start Guide

Connect to a Wireless Network

Sync Notes Between "i" Devices (Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)

Mac Shortcuts

Copy – command c
Paste – command v
Save – command s
Find – command f
Undo - command z
Quit - command q

Minimize window – command m
Switch between windows – command tab
Screen Shot entire desktop - Command shift 3 
Screen Shot selection - Command shift 4 
Dictionary - highlight a word (right click) "look up"

Delete to the right - fn+delete
Delete the last typed word - option+delete
Delete a file instead of dragging to trash - command+delete

Shortcuts - Mac Central
Shortcuts - Digital Trends (with images)
Shortcuts - Top 10
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts: Tutorial 1 - Tutorial 2
Create a PowerSchool Shortcut on your Desktop
Save PowerSchool as a Chrome Bookmark