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Mac Users

Please go to this page for more information and tutorials on your machines.

New or Imaged Laptops

This website is to help staff who have had their machines imaged or are receiving a new laptop.  If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk:

Phone:  (816) 736-7078
Submit a workorder.

Specialty Software

If you are in need of specialty software, please place a workorder and be sure to provide the website or CD for the building tech to install.

Windows (PC) Devices

General Tutorials

Setting up a New Laptop

Before you leave LPS with a new laptop:

  1. Logon to the machine (now it will open when out-of-district)
  2. Start desktop Outlook (so it will open from the desktop when out-of-district - with Internet access)
  3. Open iTunes - if you use this program.  It has to start in district the first time to work from home.  Sign-in with your Apple ID and then go to Store / Authorize this computer.  (See side-bar for iTunes Accounts.)

Setting up your Home wi-fi Network

Printing should work from most printers connected locally from home without doing anything special.  If you plug in a printer and it won't work, please request admin rights (via workorder) as you may have to have these rights for the installer to add drivers necessary to print.

Setting up Outlook

When you have a new image or laptop, you will have to reset your Outlook preferences.  Here are a couple items you might want to modify:

Change your view
Create your signature
Desktop alerts

Website Settings

Change your default browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox

Set up your default homepage to be your building page from Inside

Pin to the Taskbar...

A few items to consider:

Admin Rights

If you are in need of admin rights, please do a workorder and hard-wire to the network when you are in district.  The helpdesk will remote in and give you admin rights for 48 hours.  At the end of this time, hard-wire into the network again and the rights will be removed.