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Plan on Google Doc

October 15, 2015

{LPS53 Hour of Code}

At LPS, we honor our commitment to an authentic learning journey as constant learners in the world around us. Although we’re spending an hour coding, this is NOT about the coding; it’s about being a learner and learning how to think critically.


Let’s challenge our thinking about learning!







Building Community

  1. Get Excited: Watch Hour of Code Video (2:22 minute) with class to understand why we’re exploring computer science as a district

  2. Get Ready: Watch LPS Hour of Code Video (0:34 seconds) with class to hear from Dr. Tucker


Building Larger Community

Go to Hour of Code Website

  1. Examine world map of all Hour of Code events to explore locations & discuss our connection to the larger community through computer science

  2. Have students go to to get ready to code



Students can select any course on

(see recommended courses by grade-level below)





(Course 1)

(Course 2 or 3)

(Course 2, 3, or 4)

(Course 3 or 4)

Differentiate! There are options for all students, even those with coding experience.

(Accelerated course)


Community Debrief

Share out as a class (ideas below):

After Hour

Additional Connections (optional)

Create a teacher account and student accounts if you wish to extend coding past today and allow for tracking of progress

Save the Date

Next Hour of Code

Hour 2 of Code @53 coming December 9th, 2015 as we join the Worldwide Hour of Code


Additional teacher information/ resources:

How to:

Hour of Code Studio Screencast:


Our Learning