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What Is It?

  • Observing and interacting with students to understand student progress toward learning targets
  • Using purposeful check-ins to get a 'snapshot' of student performance on specific standards or learning targets
  • Staying flexible while teaching in order to monitor student understanding and adjust as needed
  • Intervening with necessary feedback through in-the-moment and follow-up conversations, demonstrations, or written dialogue


Provide descriptive, purposeful, and deliberate communication with students using a variety of methods


Engage in learning activities to understand where they are in 
the learning process and where 
they are going

How Can I Implement In The Classroom?

Use formative assessments to drive instruction

Provide opportunities for students to engage in content in ways 
that make learning visible

Provide descriptive feedback that gives the learner next steps 
related to specific learning targets



Classrooms In Action



Formative Assessment In A Primary Classroom


Conferring In Reader's Workshop


Teaching Students About Feedback

How To Give Feedback To Students


Why Does It Work?


Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning, but it can have significant positive or negative impact.

Feedback is most effective when...

  • It is not accompanied by a score/grade
  • It is focused on a specific learning target
  • It provides the learner with a next step
  • It is not coupled with praise
  • It is provided to individuals, rather than the whole class

John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers

Dylan Wiliam, Embedded Formative Assessment

Digital Tools That Work

Activities That Work