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LEADS iIN Visionaries 2017-2018

Applications are now open for the LEADS iIN Visionaries for 2017-2018! Visionaries are part of a learning network that utilizes district funds and coaching support to identify and explore opportunities to improve learning. 

LEADS iIN Visionaries

For more information and to apply visit: 
Application Deadline: April 28, 2017

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:3/6/17
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PBL Resources

Thank you to our Buck Institute National Faculty trainer, Alicia Peletz for her continued support of our learning. Alicia has been on site regularly this year to help teachers wrestle with Gold Standard Project Based Learning.

Project Based Learning

This month our topic for learning is creating scaffolded assessments. Check out our resources HERE.

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:3/3/17
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EdCampLiberty T-shirts Available

Get your #EdCampLiberty t-shirts today! Our online store closes at midnight on March 19. Shirts will be available at our event on Saturday, April 1.

EdCampLiberty Tshirts

To learn more about EdCampLiberty visit:

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:3/3/17
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EdCampLiberty Open for All Educators

Join us Saturday, April 1, at Liberty Middle School for EdCampLiberty!


To find out more and register, go to: 

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:3/2/17
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PBL Resource

With a lot of focus on Project Based Learning, sometimes teachers wonder what they should do when students are in self-directed or team learning modes.

Here is an interesting blog post, “What To Do During Student Work Time in PBL” that contains ideas and checklists for conferring that might be interesting to modify and try.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and strategies on #lpsleads.

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:2/14/17
Audience: Homepage

New Feature for Google Slides

Just released is a new feature in Google Slides where students can upload their video into Google Drive and then upload into Slides without the use of YouTube.

Check out this tutorial by Richard Byrne.



Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:2/10/17
Audience: Homepage

Future Ready

This week a team from Liberty will be attending the Future Ready Conference in "making a firm commitment to implementing meaningful changes toward a digital learning transition that supports teachers, and addresses the district’s vision for student learning".

As one of our responsibilities for the conference we will be opening our classrooms and sharing our learning environments. Be sure to tweet out your classroom to #lpsleads so that we can highlight the great things happening across LPS!

Check out #FutureReady on Tuesday and Wednesday and join in the conversation!

Future Ready

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:11/28/16
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YouTube Live

As of September 2016, Google Hangouts on Air officially YouTube Livetransitioned to YouTube Live! The only problem is that it can be difficult to find quickly. Alice Keeler helps solve this issue with a step-by-step tutorial for bookmarking the link.


YouTube Live is a live streaming Google Hangout. You might consider using this with an expert to class connection or streaming exhibition projects. Keep in mind, whatever is streamed is initially saved as public. You can change this setting once the Live session is over.

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:11/20/16
Audience: Homepage

Podcasts for Kids

If you don't regularly read Cult of Pedagogy, I would definitely recommend adding this to your weekly reads! In this particular post, Gonzalez shares 8 Great Educational Podcasts for Kids that might be great to "deliver content, provide enrichment, or explain topics in a different way".


If you have others you would like to share with staff, please tweet out resources to #lpsleads

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:11/13/16
Audience: Homepage

Open Education Resources

Liberty Public Schools continues to learn and move toward Open Education Resources for the 2016-2017 school year. Several of our departments have been curating and publishing their OER resources. Take a look!


To learn more about Liberty's journey into OER, click HERE.

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:11/7/16
Audience: Homepage

Great Tip by @RamseyLHS

Snapchat as QR Reader
Learn more about "Snap Codes".

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/31/16
Audience: Homepage

Collaborating with Video

Engaging students with video doesn't have to be a passive activity. Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 6.21.50 PM.png
Check out the resources below to learn more about increasing Learner Agency and giving students the opportunity to process video.


Amplify student voice by scaffolding the learning environment for student led discussions.

Slides (Speaker) Notes

Collaborative Notes 
Video Resource 

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/24/16
Audience: Homepage

Publish Student Writing

The following is for teachers of students ages 13-18...

Write the World

Are you looking for ways your students can publish their writing for authentic audiences? Check out Write the World – it is a writing community for young writers that hosts monthly competitions (with expert feedback if submitted the first week).

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/17/16
Audience: Homepage

Digital Citizenship Week

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 1.49.59 PM.pngDigital Citizenship needs to be part of our daily consideration and routines as teachers of students who are 1:1. Check out Common Sense Media's resources for Digital Citizenship Week - October 16-22! 



Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/16/16
Audience: Homepage

Academic Services Newsletter

The 53
Please enjoy the second edition of The 53, a monthly newsletter that will highlight and communicate department happenings in Academic Services. 

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/3/16
Audience: Homepage

Essential Standards

Essential Standards
Curriculum Council continues to work on determining Essential Standards that we guarantee will be taught across Liberty Public Schools.


Click HERE to learn more!

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:10/3/16
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Curriculum Resources at Your Fingertips

Want to know more about the LPS Curriculum Department? 

This is a must-see resource filled with information about LPS Curriculum, professional learning and schedules, as well as meeting dates and times. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!


Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:9/28/16
Audience: Homepage

CommonLit - Grades 5-12

A big shout out for Amy Ahart, Liberty High School ELA Teacher, who shared out various literacy resources on Friday during our PD breakout. Amy acknowledged the frustration teachers often experience finding leveled informational texts to ensure just-right reading levels for their students in particular content areas.

A solution? Amy has found CommonLit, to be impactful for her ELA students as the tool allows teachers to select hundreds of text options, share with students, and track progress.


Want more information? Check out CommonLit: An Online Library of Free Texts by Jennifer Gonzales to learn more. 

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:9/19/16
Audience: Homepage

Yong Zhao 2016 Pre-service Keynote

Yong Zhau

We are pleased to announce this year's speaker is Yong Zhao who has published 20 books and over 100 articles related to education. Zhao's keynote speech at the 2015 Learning Forward Conference inspired Liberty Public Schools to recruit him for our pre-service learning. Zhao's vision of every child has a gift to share is one we embrace and look forward to his keynote August 15, 2016!


Please welcome:


Yong ZhauYong Zhao

Institute of Global and Online Education Director

University of Oregon College of Education




World Class Learning






Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:8/8/16
Audience: Homepage

Welcome 2016 New Teachers

We are thrilled to host our New Teacher Institute for all staff new to Liberty Public Schools August 5-9. Please be sure to give them a shout out welcome on #lpsleads and help make their first experience in Liberty amazing!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.56.52 AM.png
New Teacher Resources

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:8/4/16
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Google Domain Change

Google for Education

Starting July 11th Liberty Pubic Schools will be changing the Google domain address from to


As a result staff and students will need to use the address to sign in to their Google account.


As soon as the change is made you will need to authenticate to your Google account to gain access to your documents.

  1. If you logon after July 11 it should automatically have the new domain with the and you will use your normal password to logon.
  2. If you are already logged on and try and access a document immediately after the change a pop up will show up asking you to log in. The easiest thing to do is to quit your browser and relaunch.
  3. Contact the help desk with any issues.

Please note the following with this change:

  • The previous email address of is still functional and any mail sent to that address will be delivered.
  • The password will remain the same

  • Staff have previously set up forwarding to their address, will not need to set up again

  • Shared folders and documents will still be shared

  • No changes should need to be made to Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, G+, Calendar, Groups, Contacts, Photos and YouTube

  • Google sites will need to be migrated to the new domain of Once we move all staff and student accounts we will run a process to remove the and add the Anyone who has bookmarked your sites will need to bookmark them again as the site address will change.

Anyone who has bookmarked your sites will need to bookmark them again as the site address will change.


You can always verify what you are logged in as by clicking on your image or icon.

Google Help Image

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:7/11/16
Audience: Homepage

Student Device Information

Liberty Public Schools is a K-12 digital district where all students receive a device for learning. In order to take that device home, parents/guardians must purchase insurance. 

Student Devices
Click HERE for more information, FAQs and tutorials.



Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:7/6/16
Audience: Homepage

#GoOpen 2016 - Regional Summit (Liberty, MO)

Join us Thursday, July 28, to collaborate with other educators who are moving forward with Open Education Resources (OER) as #GoOpen districts! Select the image below to learn more.


Space is limited, register today!

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:6/21/16
Audience: Homepage

Join our LEADS diigo Group

Do you enjoy reading blogs and articles online? If so, consider joining our LEADS diigo group and share what you are learning! 


Liberty LEADS diigo

Once you select the LEADS diigo group link above, you will see "Join this Group" on the right hand side of the screen. You get to control how often (or if) you receive notifications for new posts added from any group member.


The key to diigo is to include descriptive tags when you save posts to the feed so that all group members can quickly search our diigo group site and find great resources that are applicable to their needs.

Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:6/13/16
Audience: Homepage

Summer Professional Learning

Join Liberty Public Schools this summer to reflect and revitalize! Select the image below to learn more about these amazing opportunities!

Summer Learning


Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:6/6/16
Audience: Homepage

New LEADS Site.. Coming Fall 2016

Over the next two months, Liberty LEADS will take on a new and improved look. We are working hard this summer to provide you a better one-stop shop for instructional supports to help meet the needs of all students. A huge thank you and shout out goes to the Innovation and Learning Coaches as they are helping to provide dynamic content. Please check back regularly to see the new updates!

LEADS Blue.png

Share your thoughts and requests on #lpsleads or via email.



Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:6/1/16
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Coming to Liberty Public Schools in Fall 2016 is our new Instructional Innovation Network! Learn More...



Posted by: Tracey Kracht Published:5/30/16
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