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We are:

Leading, Engaging, Achieving, and Discovering with Students

Liberty LEADS

The tenets listed on this page focus our work on each learner as we strive to grow their learning experience.

Liberty LEADS

LPS Themes

LPS Themes


The adults throughout our school system play an integral role in developing positive relationships with each of our learners. Whether the first face they see as they step up onto a school bus or the goodbye spoken at the end of a school day, teachers, administrators, and staff exhibit care and compassion for each child in our schools. While caring, compassionate, and connected adults make a tremendous impact, effective relationships include the ability for teachers to relinquish learning and at times learn alongside students in their areas of interest and passion. Teachers are no longer solely charged with teaching content knowledge, but are also tasked to instill the skills needed for success in an ever-changing society.

Data-Informed Decision Making

Technology integration in classrooms not only allows for access to information, ubiquitous learning, and increased creativity, but also allows teachers the opportunity to monitor student progress through real time achievement data. The data developed through formative assessment, interim assessments, and technology applications allows teachers to adjust and tailor their instruction to meet the specific needs of each learner.

Learner Agency

Engaged students are more likely to retain their learning as they are able to interact with concepts and ideas, make real world connections, and convey their learning to authentic audiences. Learner agency is defined as allowing students to own their learning and have a voice in directing their learning. It involves a shift in thinking from the adults in the room owning the learning to empowering students in becoming skilled learners.

Examples throughout our schools include the hands-on experiences students are provided through Project Lead The Way (PLTW) and the relevant learning experiences students are afforded through Project-Based Learning (PBL). Teachers are increasingly finding ways to link a student’s passion and interests to the learning taking place in their classrooms.


Coupled with instructional best practice, teachers can utilize data to adapt instruction in real time to assist students and their learning. The approach allows teachers to personalize the learning experience of each of their learners. It is our desire that each student attending Liberty Public Schools is met wherever they are at academically and that we are able to see their growth throughout the year.

Growth Mindset

A desire to grow our learning, regardless of experience or age, is a trait we seek to instill in all our learners through our individual and collective example. This trait transcends job descriptions as we desire to innovate, think forward, and broaden our learning in all facets of teaching and operations throughout the district. We are strengthened through networks desiring to learn and grow together.